The weekly SILO Seminar Series is made possible through the generous support of the 3M Company and its Advanced Technology Group


Previous Semesters

Fall 2018

Dec 12 Learning Solutions to Constrained Optimization Problems – to Enable a Sustainable Electric Grid
by Line Roald (UW) ( )
Dec 5 Micro-(Shape-And-Motion)-Scopes
by Mohit Gupta (UW) ( )
Nov 28 Slow and Stale Gradients Can Win the Race: Error-Runtime Trade-offs in Distributed SGD
by Gauri Joshi (CMU) ( )
Nov 21 Statistical Filtering for Optimization over Expectation Operators
by Vivak Patel (UW) ( )
Nov 14 Fit without Fear: an Interpolation Perspective on Optimization and Generalization in Modern Machine Learning
by Misha Belkin (Ohio State) ( )
Nov 7 Generalization and optimization of deep networks
by Matus Telgarsky (University of Illinois) ( )
Oct 31 Visual Navigation in 3D Scenes
by Saurabh Gupta (University of Illinois) ( )
Oct 24 A Conditional Gaussian Framework for Uncertainty Quantification, Data Assimilation and Prediction of Complex Nonlinear Turbulent Dynamical Systems
by Nan Chen (UW) ( )
Oct 17 Learning from Binary Multiway Data: Probabilistic Tensor Decomposition and its Statistical Optimality
by Miaoyan Wang (UW) ( )
Oct 10 Towards an autonomous network of biological sensors
by Bhuvana Krishnaswamy (UW) ( )
Oct 3 Tight regret bounds for a latent variable model of recommendation systems
by Mina Karzand - UW Madison ( )
Sep 26 Adversarial Networks with Structured Inputs and Outputs
by Dr. Lee Seversk & Dr. Eric Heim ( )
Sep 19 Mixed-integer bilevel representability
by Christopher Ryan ( )
Sep 12 Big Data Analytics for Real-time Complex System Monitoring and Prognostics
by Kaibo Lui (UW) ( )
Sep 5 How to Poison Linear Regression
by Jerry Zhu ( )

Spring 2018

May 11 A Marketplace for Data: An Algorithmic Solution
by Munther Dahleh ( )
May 2 Optimal Mass Transport: Theory, Algorithm, and Applications
by Yongxin Chen ( Iowa State University )
Apr 25 Quadratic assignment, semidefinite programming, and graph neural networks.
by Soledad Villar ( NYU )
Apr 18 T Deep Learning with Dense Connectivity
by Kilian Quirin Weinberger ( Cornell )
Apr 11 Euclid’s bag of tricks for moving points and unlabeled distances
by Ivan Dokmanic ( University of Illinois )
Apr 4 Analysis of Gradient Descent Algorithms
by Yazhen Wang ( )
Mar 21 Characterizing implicit bias of optimization in terms of optimization geometry
by Suriya Gunasekar ( Toyota Technology Institute at U of Chicago )
Mar 14 Subset selection with sparse matrices
by Alberto Del Pia ( )
Mar 7 Machine Teaching: Towards more realistic student models
by Adish Singla ( Max Planck Institute )
Feb 28 From Dirty Data to Structured Prediction
by Theo Rekatsinas ( UW–Madison )
Feb 21 A Well-Tempered Landscape for Non-convex Robust Subspace Recovery & Adaptive Sampling for Coarse Ranking
by Tyler Maunu & Sumeet Katariya ( )
Feb 14 Sequential Bayesian inference via low-dimensional couplings
by Youssef M Marzouk ( MIT )
Feb 7 Information theoretic perspectives on learning algorithms
by Varun Jog ( )
Jan 24 Poisson inverse and denoising problems in atmospheric lidar imaging & PULasso: High-dimensional variable selection with presence-only data
by Hyebin Song & Willem Marais ( )
Jan 17 Spectral methods for unsupervised ensemble learning and latent variable models
by Ariel Jaffe ( Weizmann Institute )

Fall 2017

Dec 13 Exploiting Nonlinear Algebraic Structure in Matrix Completion
by Rob Nowak ( )
Dec 6 New Approximate Solution Approaches for Multi-Stage Stochastic Optimization
by Jim Luedtke ( )
Nov 29 Robust inference with the knockoff filter
by Rina Foygel Barber ( )
Nov 22 A geometric analysis of algorithms for phase retrieval and other single-index models with even link functions
by Yan Shuo Tan ( )
Nov 15 The statistical foundations of learning to control
by Ben Recht ( )
Nov 8 Balancing Computation and Communication in Distributed Optimization
by Ermin Wei ( )
Nov 1 Analysis and Design of First-Order Methods for Smooth Strongly Convex Optimization & Low-Complexity Channel Estimation via the Sparse Fast Fourier Transform
by Bryan Van Scoy & Alisha Zachariah ( )
Oct 25 Overcoming the Challenges of Learning in Parallel
by Dimitris Papailiopoulos ( )
Oct 18 Learning with Aggregated Data; a Tale of Two Approaches
by Sanmi Koyejo ( )
Oct 11 Breaking computational barriers: using data to enable extreme-scale simulations for uncertainty quantification and design
by Kevin Carlberg ( Sandia National Labs )
Oct 4 Trace Test
by Jose Israel Rodriguez ( Postdoc )
Sep 27 Causal discovery with high dimensional non-Gaussian data & Scalable Generalized Linear Bandits: Online Computation and Hashing
by Sam Wang & Kwang-Sung Jun ( Graduate Student - University of Washington & Graduate Student - University of Wisconsin )
Sep 20 Optimization over nonconvex constraints & Gradient Coding via Sparse Random Graphs
by Wooseok Ha & Zachary Charles ( Graduate Student - University of Chicago & Graduate Student - University of Wisconsin )
Sep 13 Inference for High-dimensional Tensor Data
by Anru Zhang ( )

Spring 2017

May 10 Digital humans, virtual surgery and fast fluids; do they have more in common than their hunger for performance?
by Eftychios Sifakis ( Assistant Professor - UW–Madison )
May 3 Parametrization of discrete optimization problems, subdeterminants and matrix-decomposition
by Robert Weismantel ( Head of the Institute for Operations Research - ETH Zurich )
Apr 28 Continuum approximations for large scale graph mining
by Al Hero ( Professor, University of Michigan )
Apr 26 Community Recovery on the Weighted Stochastic Block Model and Its Information-Theoretic Limits
by Min Xu ( Postdoc - Penn )
Apr 25 Randomized Distributional Design for Bayesian Transfer Learning
by Anthony Quinn ( Associate Professor, Trinity College Dublin; Fulbright visiting scholar, UC Berkeley )
Apr 19 Heavy hitters via cluster-preserving clustering
by Jelani Nelson ( Assistant Professor - Harvard )
Apr 12 Computational Imaging --- Breaking the limitations of conventional imaging designs
by Aswin Sankaranarayanan ( Assistant Professor - Carnegie Mellon )
Apr 5 Image colorization and its role in visual learning
by Greg Shakhnarovich ( Associate Professor - TTIC )
Mar 29 Anonymity in the Bitcoin Peer-to-Peer Network
by Giulia Fanti ( Postdoc - UIUC )
by ( )
Mar 15 Causal Inference and the Data-Fusion Problem
by Elias Bareinboim ( Assistant Professor - Purdue )
Mar 8 Optimization in PDE computation
by Qin Li ( Assistant Professor - UW–Madison )
Mar 1 Paris After Trump: Carbon Tariffs Reloaded
by Thomas Rutherford ( Professor - UW-Madison )
Feb 22 Robust Optimization with Uncertain Uncertainty Sets and Application to Radiation Therapy
by Omid Nohadani ( Associate Professor - Northwestern )
Feb 15 Optimal sampling in multifidelity Monte Carlo methods for uncertainty propagation
by Ben Peherstorfer ( Assistant Professor - UW–Madison )
Feb 8 Network-based whole-brain representational similarity learning
by Urvashi Oswal & Blake Mason ( Graduate Students - UW-Madison )
Feb 1 Towards a better understanding of best arm identification in bounded multi-armed bandits
by Ervin Tanczos ( Postdoc - UW–Madison )
Jan 25 Gradient Descent For Matrix Completion
by Qinqing Zheng ( Graduate Student - University of Chicago )

Fall 2016

Dec 14 A variational perspective for accelerated methods in optimization
by Andre Wibisono ( Postdoc - Optimization, University of Wisconsin-Madison )
Dec 7 Avoiding cascading failures for time-of-use pricing
by Shuchi Chawla ( Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison )
Nov 30 Adversarial influence maximization and Bandits meet Matrix Completion
by Justin Khim and Aniruddha Bhargava ( PhD student at University of Pennsylvania and University of Wisconsin-Madison )
Nov 16 Finding low-rank solutions via the Burer-Monteiro approach, efficiently and provably
by Anastasios Kyrillidis ( Postdoc, The University of Texas at Austin )
Nov 9 Deep Learning in the Enhanced Cloud
by Eric Chung ( Researcher at Microsoft Research )
Nov 2 Stochastic Nested Composition Optimization and Beyond
by Mengdi Wang ( Assistant Professor, Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering, Princeton University )
Oct 26 Multi-view representation learning for speech, language, and beyond
by Karen Livescu ( Assistant Professor, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago )
Oct 19 Mixed-Integer Convex Optimization
by Miles Lubin ( Graduate Student, MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology )
Oct 12 The smart light sheet microscope
by Jan Huisken ( Director, Morgridge Medical Engineering and Professor, Biomedical Engineering )
Oct 5 Estimating a Separable Random Field from Binary Observations
by Demba Ba ( Assistant Professor, Harvard University )
Sep 28 Speeding up Machine Learning using Graphs and Codes
by Dimitris Papailiopoulos ( Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison )
Sep 21 Geometric tools in information theory
by Varun Jog ( Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison )
Sep 14 Faster Projection-free Algorithms for Optimization and Learning
by Dan Garber ( Research Assistant Professor at the Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago )
Sep 7 Combinatorial Inference
by Han Liu ( Assistant Professor, Princeton University )

Summer 2016

Jul 14 National Library of Medicine
by Patti Brennan ( Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison )
Jul 7 Regularizer design for structured learning
by Amin Jalali ( Graduate Student University of Washington )
Jun 2 The XyloTron: A machine vision-based wood identification device
by John Hermanson ( )
May 26 A big conjecture in combinatorics that unexpectedly got proved last week and what this has to do with matrix multiplication
by Jordan Ellenberg ( Professor, Department of Mathematics, UW-Madison )

Spring 2016

May 11 Whither Speech Recognition? Deep Learning to Deep Thinking
by Sadaoki Furui ( President, Toyota Technical Institute Chicago )
May 4 Learning Subspaces by Pieces and Algorithms for Ordinal Embedding
by Daniel Pimentel-Alarcon and Lalit Jain ( Graduate Student ECE UW-Madison, Graduate Student Math UW - Madison )
Apr 27 Optimization and Equilibrium in Energy Economics
by Michael Ferris ( Professor, Computer Science - UW Madison )
Apr 20 What do oil spills, air pollutants, and ocean acoustics have in common? Detection, tracking and classification of environmental signals
by Ananya Sen Gupta ( Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Iowa )
Apr 14 Approximate Optimality of Finite Models in Stochastic Control and Decentralized Control
by Serdar Yuksel ( Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada )
Apr 13 Universality laws for randomized dimension reduction
by Joel Tropp ( Professor, Applied & Computational Mathematics, California Institute of Technology )
Apr 6 Block CUR Decompostion: Matrix Approximation Using Groups of Columns and Inferring Relationships in High-dimensional Generalized Linear Autoregressive Processes
by Urvashi Oswal and Eric Hall ( Graduate Student - Optimization )
Mar 30 Following Natural Language Instructions in Unknown Environments
by Matthew R. Walter ( Assistant Professor, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago )
Mar 16 New Perspectives in Robust, High-dimensional Statistics
by Po-Ling Loh ( Assistant Professor of Statistics, Wharton, University of Pennsylvania )
Mar 9 Top Arm Identification in Multi-Armed Bandits with Batch Arm Pulls and Efficient Bregman Projections onto the Permutahedron and Related Polytopes
by Kwang-Sung Jun and Cong Han Lim ( Postdoc / Graduate Student - Optimization )
Mar 2 A Control Perspective on Optimization of Strongly Convex Functions
by Bin Hu ( Graduate Student, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities )
Feb 24 Geometry and Topology in Inference
by Sayan Mukherjee ( Professor, Statistical science, Computer science, and Mathematics )
Feb 17 SMART: The Stochastic Monotone Aggregated Root-Finding Algorithm
by Damek Davis ( Assistant Prof, Cornell University )
Feb 10 A Matrix Factorization Approach to Multiple Imputation and DCM Bandits: Learning to Rank with Multiple Clicks
by Nandana Sangupta and Sumeet Katariya ( Postdoc - University of Chicago / Graduate Student - Optimization )
Feb 3 Towards Next Generation 3D Cameras
by Mohit Gupta ( Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, UW-Madison )
Jan 27 One Relaxation to Rule Them All: Strong Convex Nonlinear Relaxations of the Pooling Problem
by Jeff Linderoth ( Professor, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Department of Computer Sciences, UW-Madison )
Jan 20 A Conditional-Value-at-Risk Framework for Multi-Stakeholder Optimization
by Victor Zavala Tejeda ( Richard H. Soit Assistant Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering, UW-Madison )

Fall 2015

Dec 9 A Modified Logistic Regression Markov Chain Model for Forecasting the College Football Playoff
by Laura Albert McLay ( Associate Professor, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, UW-Madison )
Dec 2 Machine Learning: Art or Science?
by Shivani Agarwal ( Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Automation, Indian Institute of Science )
Nov 25 Happy Thanksgiving!
by No SILO this week. ( )
Nov 18 Non-exhaustive, overlapping k-means clustering
by David Gleich ( Assistant Professor, Computer Sciences, Purdue University )
Nov 11 Quasi-Newton Trust-Region Methods
by Roummel F. Marcia ( Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics, University of California, Merced )
Nov 5 The big (brain) data cometh: Low-dimensional models for understanding neural systems
by Christopher Rozell ( Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology )
Nov 4 Learning (from) networks: fundamental limits, algorithms, and applications
by Soheil Feizi ( Graduate Student, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT )
Oct 28 Efficient and Parsimonious Agnostic Active Learning
by Tzu-Kuo Huang ( Post Doc Researcher, Microsoft Research )
Oct 28 Statistical Inference of Phylogenetic Networks
by Claudia Solís-Lemus ( Graduate Student, Department of Statistics, UW-Madison )
Oct 21 WID Science Festival
by No SILO this week. ( )
Oct 16 An Evolving Gradient Resampling Method for Stochastic Optimization
by Stefan Solntsev ( Graduate Student, EECS Department, Northwestern University )
Oct 14 How a helix is bigger than a plane (but not as big as a ball), and why it matters.
by Betsy Stovall ( Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, UW-Madison )
Oct 7 High-dimensional low-rank matrix recovery
by Anru Zhang ( Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, UW-Madison )
Sep 30 A Topic Modeling Approach to Learning Preference-Behavior from Pairwise Comparisons
by Prakash Ishwar ( Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Boston University )
Sep 23 The Geometry of Positive Semidefinite Rank
by Elina Robeva ( Graduate student, Department of Mathematics, UC-Berkeley )
Sep 23 Sparse Inverse Problems: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications
by Geoffrey Schiebinger ( Graduate Student, Department of Statistics, UC-Berkeley )
Sep 22 An Introduction to the Enigma and the Cryptanalysis Against It
by Dimitrije Kostic ( Staff Researcher, Laboratory for Telecommunication Sciences )
Sep 16 The Rhythm of Speech
by Bill Sethares ( Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UW-Madison )
Sep 9 Learning Large-Scale Poisson DAG Models based on OverDispersion Scoring
by Gunwoong Park ( Graduate student, Department of Statistics, UW-Madison )

Summer 2015

Aug 27 Double Bandits
by Aniruddha Bhargava ( )
Aug 20 A data-dependent weighted LASSO
by Rebecca Willett ( Prof., Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UW-Madison )
Aug 13 Law 101: What to Do When Pulled Over by Police
by Eric R. Hunt ( Attorney, Axley Brynelson, LLP )
Aug 6 GuBoLi -- The World's Greatest Solver for Box-Constrained Nonconvex Quadratic Programs
by Jeff Linderoth ( Prof., Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering Department of Computer Sciences University of Wisconsin-Madison )
Jul 30 The fundamental question of coding theory
by Nigel Boston ( Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Professor, Department of Mathematics )
Jul 23 Modeling the Spread of Human Rhinovirus
by Eric Hall ( Graduate Student )
Jul 16 Convex relaxations and the planted clique problem
by Jordan Ellenberg ( Prof. at Math Dept. )
Jul 9 Multi-Resolution Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Atmospheric Contamination
by Justin Jacobs ( PhD UMBC - United States Department of Defense; Statistician / Applied Research )
Jul 2 Some thoughts on prioritizing cyber-security mitigations for securing information technology supply chains
by Laura Mclay ( Associate Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison )
Jun 25 Urban Areas LiDar Scanning
by Saleh Abuwarda ( UCD School of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering )
Jun 18 Linear Dueling Bandits
by Sumeet Katariya ( Graduate Student )

Spring 2015

May 15 Covariance thresholding, kernel random matrices and sparse PCA
by Yash Deshpande ( Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University )
May 6 Quantifying Ad Fraud - Contamination Estimation via Convex Relaxations
by Matthew Malloy ( Principal Data Scientist, comScore )
Apr 29 On the Existence of Compact Epsilon-Approximated Formulations for Knapsack in the Original Space
by Laura Sanita ( Prof. at Combinatorics & Optimization Department, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada )
Apr 22 Cut-Generating Functions for Integer Linear Programs
by Gérard P. Cornuéjols ( Prof. at Carnegie Mellon University )
Apr 15 A critical threshold for respondent driven sampling
by Karl Rohe ( Prof. at Statistics Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison )
Apr 8 On the covering property of the lifting region
by Amitabh Basu ( Prof. at Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Johns Hopkins University )
Mar 25 Large-scale Problems on a Tight Budget
by Ioannis Mitliagkas ( University of Texas at Austin )
Mar 18 New Formulations and Valid Inequalities for the Optimal Power Flow Problem
by Santanu Dey ( Assoc. Professor, IsyE, Georgia Institute of Technology )
Mar 11 Subspace Clustering with Ordered Weighted L1 Minimization
by Ulas Ayaz ( ICERM, Brown University )
Mar 4 Information Theory in Network Coding (Nan), and Algebraic Approaches to the Belgian Chocolate Problem (Charles)
by Ting-Ting Nan and Zach Charles ( )
Feb 25 Center-Points: A Link Between Discrete Geometry and Optimization
by Timm Oertel ( Post-doc at Institut für Operations Research Departement Mathematik, Departement Mathematik, Switzerland )
Feb 18 Model Inversion and other Threats in Machine Learning
by Tom Ristenpart ( Prof., Dept. of Computer Science )
Feb 11 Some tools for studying big state spaces
by Ryan Budney ( Prof., University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada )
Feb 4 Have you heard the good news about L^p graphons?
by Jordan Ellenberg ( Prof., Dept. of Mathematics )
Jan 28 Polyhedral results on the stable set problem and on half-integral polytopes
by Carla Michini ( Post-doc at WID )
Jan 21 Simultaneous Model Selection and Learning through Parameter-free Stochastic Gradient Descent
by Francesco Orabona ( Senior Research Scientist, Yahoo! Labs NY )
Jan 14 From trees to seeds: on the inference of the seed from large random trees
by Miklos Z. Racz ( Dept. of Statistics, UC-Berkerly )

Fall 2014

Dec 10 An introduction to two-way networks
by Natasha Devroye ( Prof. )
Dec 3 On cutting planes for Mixed Integer Programming
by Alberto del Pia ( Prof. )
Nov 26 An Approach to Bridge Topology and Machine Learning
by Jerry Zhu ( Prof. )
Nov 19 Neuroengineering tools for interfacing with the nervous system across multiple scales
by Justin Williams ( Prof. )
Nov 12 Average case hardness for statistical problems
by Quentin Berthet ( )
Nov 5 Subspace Identifiability From Canonical Projections and Convergence Analysis of Canonical Correlation Analysis
by Daniel L. Pimentel-Alarcón and Krishna Kumar ( )
Oct 29 Botany and Big Data
by Richard Barker, Bil Alverson, Ricardo Kriebel ( )
Oct 22 Connecting the Dots in Protein Interaction Networks
by Anthony Gitter ( Prof. )
Oct 15 Fitting high-dimensional linear models by M-estimation: some surprising asymptotic phenomena
by Derek Bean ( Prof. )
Oct 8 Estimation with Norm Regularization, with Applications to Climate Science
by Arindam Banerjee ( )
Oct 1 To $e$ or not to $e$ in Poisson Image Reconstruction and Minimax Rates for Poisson Inverse Problems with Physical Constraints
by Xin Jiang and Albert Oh ( )
Sep 24 TBD
by Sam Gross ( TBD )
Sep 17 Integrated Staffing and Scheduling for Service Systems via Stochastic Integer Programming
by Jim Luedtke ( Prof. )
Sep 10 An Active Learning System with applications to Psychology Research
by Chris Cox and Kevin Jamieson ( )

Spring 2014

May 7 Unsupervised Ranking and Ensemble Learning
by Boaz Nadler ( Prof. )
Apr 30 The Dark Side of Image Reconstruction: Emerging Methods in Photon-Limited Imaging
by Rebecca Willett ( Prof. )
Apr 23 Topological Data Analysis : Persistent Homology and Applications
by Elizabeth Munch ( Prof. )
Apr 16 Iteration for finite element simulation: convergence and preconditioning
by Andy Wathen ( Prof. )
Apr 2 The Sketched SVD and Applications in Structural Health Monitoring
by Michael Wakin ( Prof )
Mar 26 Atom Probe Tomography and Information Challenges
by Thomas Kelly ( )
Mar 12 Information Aggregation through Price and Learning Social Networks with Online Convex Programming and Parametric Dynamics
by Mariann Ollar and Eric Hall ( )
Mar 5 Solving Symmetric Integer Programs
by Jeff Linderoth ( Prof. )
Feb 26 On the interaction between network coding and the physical layer - information theoretic results and a case study.
by Muriel Medard ( Prof. )
Feb 19 Complex Networks and Inference
by Lauren Huie and Lee Seversky ( )
by Richard Samworth ( Prof. )
Feb 5 and The Role of Hierarchical Group Sparsity in Semantic Learning of Images
by Gautam Dasarathy and Aniruddha Bhargava ( )
Jan 30 Communication, sensing and control in large scale wireless networks
by Urbashi Mitra ( Prof. )
Jan 29 Almost Linear Complexity Methods for Delay-Doppler Channel Estimation
by Alexander Fish ( Prof. )
Jan 22 Functional Nuclear Norm and Low Rank Function Estimation
by Ming Yuan ( Prof. )

Fall 2013

Dec 11 Criticality and information flow in an adaptive system and Semi-algebraic geometry of common lines
by Bryan Daniels and David Dynerman ( )
Dec 4 TBD and TBD
by Jui-Yang Chang and Zac Harmany ( TBD and TBD )
Dec 2 Estimation of local dependence graphs via Hawkes processes and link with functional connectivity in neurosciences
by Patricia Bouret ( )
Nov 27 Gobble Gobble: Random Graph Models for Large Empirical Networks and Blind Source Separation Techniques for Multiply Labeled Fluorescence Images
by Sarah Rich and Summet Katariya ( )
Nov 20 Split Cuts for Two-Stage Stochastic Integer Programs and Tracking Influence in Dynamic Social Networks
by Merve Bodur and Prof. Rebecca Willett ( )
Nov 13 Dynamic optimization of fractionation schedules in radiation therapy and On Finding the Largest Mean Among Many
by Jagdish Ramakrishnan and Matt Malloy ( )
Nov 6 The Science of Mind Reading and Beamspace MIMO Transceivers for Low-Complexity and Near-Optimal Communication at mm-wave Frequencies and TBD
by Prof. Rob Nowak and John Brady ( )
Oct 30 TBD
by Laura McLay ( Prof )
Oct 23 TBD
by Diego Hernano ( )
Oct 18 A Compressed Sensing Divide-and-Conquer algorithm for Sparse Signal Detection
by Dan Fuhrmann ( Prof )
Oct 16 Speeding up Permutation Testing in Neuroimaging and An Asynchronous Parallel Stochastic Coordinate Descent Algorithm
by Ji Lui and Chris Hinrichs ( )
Oct 9 TBD
by Joshua Vogelstein ( Prof )
Oct 2 SILO Panel discussion on how science can best be made public
by Jordan Ellenberg, Deborrah Blum, Marianne English ( )
Sep 25 Searching And Bargaining With Middlemen
by Vijay Subramanian ( Prof )
Sep 18 Optimal Teaching: The Inverse Problem of Machine Learning
by Jerry Zhu ( Prof )
Sep 11 Learning directed acyclic graphs based on sparsest permutations.
by Garvesh Raskutti ( Prof )

Spring 2013

May 14 Adaptive sensing of sparse signals and spectra
by Dennis Wei ( Post-Doc EECS U. Michigan )
May 7 Modeling and diagnosing the exercise of market power in the wholesale electricity industry | Active Learning on Graphs
by Jesse Holzer | Gautam Dasarathy ( Math Grad Student | ECE Grad Student )
Apr 30 Efficient Compressed Sensing with L0 Projections
by Ping Li ( Assistant Professor, Statistics, Cornell )
Apr 23 Recovery of Simultaneously Structured Models with Limited Information
by Maryam Fazel ( Professor of EE, Univ. of Wash. )
Apr 16 Quantum Compressed Sensing
by Yazhen Wang ( Professor, Statistics, UW-Madison )
Apr 9 Metric spaces and maps between them
by Tullia Dymarz ( Assistant Professor, Math, UW-Madison )
Apr 2 Local Convergence of GROUSE | Multiplicative-forest continuous-time disease prediction from Electronic Health Records
by Stephen Wright | Jeremy Weiss ( CS Professor | CS Grad Student )
Mar 12 Privacy-assurances in multiple data-aggregation transactions
by Parmesh Ramanathan ( ECE Professor at Univ. Wisconsin )
Mar 5 Going off the grid with limited data | DWQP: A solver for large scale box constrained quadratic programs.
by Gongguo Tang | Srikrishna Sridhar ( EE Post-doc | CS Grad Student )
Feb 26 Chance-constrained Packing Problems | Suppressing pseudocodewords by penalizing the objective of LP decoding
by Yongjia Song | Xishuo Liu ( CS Grad Student | ECE Grad Student )
Feb 19 Sparse Signal Recovery in Unions of Subspaces | Nuclear proliferation and convex relaxations: Experimental results of just-in-time research
by Nikhil Rao | Zachary Harmany ( ECE Grad Student | ECE Post-Doc )
Feb 12 Perturbation, Optimization and Statistics for Effective Machine Learning
by Tamir Hazan ( Assistant Professor, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago )
Feb 5 Hardware Optimizations for Optimization | Mirror Descent for Metric Learning
by Victor Bittorf | Gautam Kunapuli ( CS Grad Student | Bio-Stats Post Doc )
Jan 29 How much is lost in pairwise correlations: the case of phylogenetics
by Sebastien Roch ( Assistant Professor, Math, UW-Madison )

Fall 2012

Dec 12 Learning with systematic corruptions: Regression-based methods with applications to MRI and graph estimation
by Po Ling Loh ( Student, UC Berkeley )
Dec 5 Interhemispheric effective and functional connectivity of spina bifida subjects is consistent with anatomical connectivity | Risk Analysis in Stock Trading via Feedback-Based Strategies
by Sheida Malekpour | Shirzad Malekpour ( Graduate students, Electrical and Computer Engineering )
Nov 28 Bayesian Covariance Regression and Autoregression
by Emily Fox ( Assistant Professor, University of Washington )
Nov 14 Classification with Asymmetric Label Noise
by Clayton Scott ( Associate Professor, UMich Ann Arbor )
Nov 7 Algorithms for privacy-preserving machine learning
by Anand Sarwate ( Research Assistant Professor, TTI Chicago )
Oct 31 Optimal detection of a sparse principal component
by Philippe Rigollet ( Asst. Professor, Princeton University )
Oct 24 Fast global convergence of gradient methods for high-dimensional statistical recovery
by Sahand Negahban ( Postdoc, MIT )
Oct 17 Emotions in Engineering: Methods for the Interpretation of Ambiguous Emotional Content
by Emily Provost ( Assistant Professor, Computer Science, University of Michigan )
Oct 10 The Asymptotics of Ranking Algorithms
by John Duchi ( Student, UC Berkeley )
Sep 26 Kevin: Query Complexity of Derivative-Free Optimization || Pari: Covariance Sketching
by Kevin Jamieson and Parikshit Shah ( Postdoc, Computer Sciences and Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering )
Sep 19 Universal Laws and Architectures
by John Doyle ( Professor of Control and Dynamical Systems, Electrical Engineering and BioEngineering California Institute of Technology )
Sep 12 Packing Ellipsoids and Chromosomes
by Stephen Wright ( Professor, Computer Sciences )

Spring 2012

May 16 Looking Around Corners by capturing Light in Motion
by Andreas Velten ( Morgridge Institute for Research )
May 9 Enhanced Face Recognition using Message-Passing Algorithm | On How Searching is the New Packing
by Ke Shen | Yana Shkel ( Undergrad in Math and graduate student in ECE respectively )
May 2 Spatio-Temporal Signal Recovery from Social Media
by Junming Xu | Aniruddha Bhargava ( Graduate students in CS and ECE respectively )
Apr 25 Ultra-light Wireless: Radically rethinking radios to peer into the minds of insects in flight
by Matt Reynolds ( Prof. at Duke University )
Apr 18 Bayesian Covariance Regression and Autoregression
by Emily Fox ( Professor at UPenn )
Apr 11 Harmonic Analysis for Risk Minimization on Coset Trees | Symmetry and spatiotemporal chaos with strong scale separation
by Deepti Pachauri | Philip Poon ( Graduate student in CS and post-doc at WID )
Mar 21 Co-clustering for directed graphs: an algorithm, a model, and some asymptotic.
by Karl Rohe ( Prof. in Statistics )
Mar 14 The Least-Squares Invertible Constant-Q Spectrogram (LSICQS) and Its Application to Phase Vocoding | Human Semi-Supervised Learning
by Atul Ingle | Bryan Gibson ( Graduate students in ECE and CS respectively )
Mar 7 Secretary Problems with Convex Cost | Julia - A language for technical computing
by Seeun William Umboh | Badri Narayan Bhaskar ( Graduate students in CS and ECE respectively )
Feb 29 Approaches to integrate diverse data types: applications to inferring functional regulatory networks
by Sushmita Roy ( Assistant Prof at Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics )
Feb 22 Group Symmetry and Covariance Regularization | Incredible Machines: Body, Brain and Robot.
by Parikshit Shah | Eric Rombokas ( Post-doc in CS and graduate student from Univ. of Washington )
Feb 15 Using sparse coding to find independent components of conflict | Convex Quadratic Programming with Variable Bounds
by Bryan Daniels | Hyemin Jeon ( Post-doc in WID and graduate student in IE respectively )
Feb 8 Using a New Nonconvex Singular Value Regularizer in Multivariate Linear Regression | Traffic-Redundancy Aware Network Design
by Hongbo Dong | Sid Barman ( Post-doc in WID and graduate student in CS )
Feb 1 Sequential Testing in High Dimensions | Relaxations for Production Planning Problems with Increasing By-products
by Matt Malloy | Krishna Sridhar ( Graduate students in ECE and CS respectively )

Fall 2011

Dec 7 An optimal architecture for poset-causal systems | Computable Bounds on Sparsity Recovery
by Pari Shah and Gongguo ( Post-doc in CS and ECE respectively )
Nov 30 Restricted Isometry Constants in Compressed Sensing | Network localization with some new wrinkles: Noncovex geometry in low dimension
by Bubacarr Bah, Jesse Holzer ( Graduate student in University of Edinburgh and graduate student in Math respectively )
Nov 23 Computational topology for configuration spaces of hard disks
by Matthew Kahle ( Member of the Institute of Advanced Study )
Nov 16 Theory and software for sparse approximation algorithm phase transitions.
by Jared Tanner ( Professor of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh )
Nov 9 Music Hack
by Andrew Bridy and Lalit Jain ( Graduate students in Math )
Nov 2 Cooperative Communication: Backpressure Algorithm with Mutual Information Accumulation | Online robust PCA and examples in computer vision
by Nick Yanpei Liu and Laura Balzano ( Graduate students in ECE )
Oct 26 Metamaterial Lens Modeling for mm-wave MIMO Communications | Robust Data Analysis Algorithms in a Neutrino Telescope
by John Brady and Mark Wellons ( Graduate Students in ECE and CS respectively )
Oct 19 Negotiations in Art and the Science of Information
by Meg Mitchell ( Assistant Professor, Digital Foundations of Art, UW Madison )
Oct 12 Active Ranking using Pairwise Comparisons | Decomposition Methods for Large Scale LP Decoding
by Kevin Jamieson and Siddharth Barman ( Graduate Students in ECE and CS respectively )
Oct 5 Compressed Sensing with Structured Sparsity | Canonical Estimation in a Rare-Events Regime
by Nikhil Rao and Vincent Tan ( Graduate Student and Postdoc in ECE respectively )
Sep 21 Atomic Norm Denoising with Applications to Line Spectral Estimation | Reliability of Content Identification
by Badri Narayan Bhaskar and Gautam Dasarathy ( Graduate Students in ECE )
Sep 14 Strand Simulation for Biomechanics
by Shinjiro Sueda ( Postdoctoral scholar at University of British Columbia )

Spring 2011

Sep 4 Title
by Speaker ( )
Jan 31 Estimating large-scale time series network models
by Garvesh Raskutti ( )
Apr 27 Deriving an FFT Algorithm via Group Representation Theory
by Michael Starr ( Graduate Student, UW Madison )
Apr 20 A New Characterization of Compressed Sensing Limits
by Galen Reeves ( Graduate Student, UC Berkeley )
Apr 13 Estimation of Cortical Interactions from EEG/MEG
by Barry Van Veen ( Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering )
Apr 6 Things that go beep in the night
by Ben Recht ( Assistant Professor, Computer Science Dept )
Mar 29 Online Subspace Estimation and Tracking from Missing or Corrupt Data
by Laura Balzano ( Student of Professor Nowak )
Mar 23 Hypothesis Testing and Statistical Significance
by Rob Nowak ( Professor in ECE Department )
Mar 9 Secret Key Generation through OFDM Multipath Channel
by Yanpei Liu ( Graduate Student in Electrical and Computer Engineering )
Mar 2 Audio Morphing
by Bill Sethares ( Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering )
Feb 23 Active Clustering: Robust and Efficient Hierarchical Clustering using Adaptively Selected Similarities
by Gautam Dasarathy ( Graduate Student in Electrical and Computer Engineering )
Feb 16 Convex approaches to model wavelet coefficients
by Nikhil Rao ( Student of Professor Nowak )
Feb 11 A security proof for 802.11s protocols
by Doug Kuhlman ( Former student of Professor Nigel Boston now with Motorola research )
Jan 26 Similarity comparisons and non-metric clustering
by Jordan Ellenberg ( Professor of Mathematics )

Fall 2010

Dec 15 A Unified View of Schulz-Snyder Phase Retrieval Algorithm
by Figen Otkem ( Student of Professor Richard Blahut, University of Illinois )
Dec 15 A Unified View of Schulz-Snyder Phase Retrieval Algorithm
by Figen Oktem ( Student of Professor Richard Blahut, University of Illinois )
Dec 1 Continuous Aperture Phased MIMO: Basic Theory and Applications Akbar Sayeed (joint work with Nader Behdad)
by Akbar Sayeed ( Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering )
Nov 17 Fast Fourier Transform: Why? How? and the Course 842
by Shamgar Gurevich ( Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, UW-Madison )
Nov 3 Review of graduate student summer internships
by John Brady, Gautam Dasarathy, and Matt Malloy ( Graduate Students, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering )
Oct 20 Delay minimization in energy constrained wireless communications
by Jing Yang ( Postdoctoral Researcher with Prof. Nowak and Draper )
Oct 14 Large Deviations and Extensions for Learning Tree Models
by Vincent Tan ( Postdoctoral Researcher with Prof. Nowak )
Oct 13 Simple Meets Optimal: Some New Results for Model Selection Using One-Step Thresholding
by Waheed Bajwa ( Postdoctoral Researcher, Duke University )
Oct 6 Computational Harmonic Analysis and Image Processing
by Zuowei Shen ( Distinguished Professor, National U. Singapore )
Sep 22 Non-commutative arithmetic-geometric mean inequalities.
by Ben Recht ( Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Dept. of Electrical Engineering )
Sep 15 Online Identification and Tracking of Subspaces from Highly Incomplete Information
by Laura Bolzano ( Student with Prof. Nowak )
Sep 8 Belgian chocolate is as easy as abc.
by Nigel Boston ( Professor, Dept. of Mathematics and Dept. of Electrical Engineering )