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Quasi-Newton Trust-Region Methods

Roummel F. Marcia, Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics, University of California, Merced

Date and Time: Nov 11, 2015 (12:30 PM)
Location: Orchard room (3280) at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery Building


Quasi-Newton methods are viable alternatives to Newton's method for solving optimization problems because they do not require computing and solving with the potentially very large Hessian matrix while still maintaining a superlinear convergence rate.  Systems of linear equations arising from quasi-Newton methods can be solved efficiently using the compact representation of the quasi-Newton matrices. In this talk, we present a compact formulation for the entire Broyden convex class of updates for limited-memory quasi-Newton methods.  Furthermore, we demonstrate how they can be used to solve large-scale trust-region subproblems with quasi-Newton Hessian approximations.

Joint work with Jennifer Erway (Wake Forest University) and Johannes Brust (UC Merced)