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The weekly SILO Seminar Series is made possible through the generous support of the 3M Company and its Advanced Technology Group


with additional support from the Analytics Group of the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company

Northwestern Mutual

Seminars are usually Wednesdays at 12:30PM in the Orchard room (3280) at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery Building and lunch is provided unless otherwise noted. Take the elevators behind Aldo's Cafe.

Seminars feature graduate students and post-docs presenting in half hour blocks. When we are fortunate to host external visitors, we slot the entire hour for a presentation. We also occasionally have presentations by UW professors who want to share new and exciting research ideas and open problems.

Current Semester (Spring 2017)


Mar 1
12:30 PM
Paris After Trump: Carbon Tariffs Reloaded
by Thomas Rutherford ( Professor - UW-Madison )
Mar 8
12:30 PM
Optimization in PDE computation
by Qin Li ( Assistant Professor - UW–Madison )
Mar 15
12:30 PM
by Elias Bareinboim ( Assistant Professor - Purdue )
Mar 22
12:30 PM
Mar 29
12:30 PM
by Giulia Fanti ( Postdoc - UIUC )
Apr 5
12:30 PM
by Greg Shakhnarovich ( Associate Professor - TTIC )
Apr 12
12:30 PM
Computational Imaging --- Breaking the limitations of conventional imaging designs
by Aswin Sankaranarayanan ( Assistant Professor - Carnegie Mellon )
Apr 19
12:30 PM
by Jelani Nelson ( Assistant Professor - Harvard )
Apr 26
12:30 PM
by Min Xu ( Postdoc - Penn )
May 3
12:30 PM
by Robert Weismantel ( Head of the Institute for Operations Research - ETH Zurich )
May 10
12:30 PM
by Fei Sha ( Associate Professor - USC )


Feb 22
12:30 PM
Robust Optimization with Uncertain Uncertainty Sets and Application to Radiation Therapy
by Omid Nohadani ( Associate Professor - Northwestern )
Feb 15
12:30 PM
Optimal sampling in multifidelity Monte Carlo methods for uncertainty propagation
by Ben Peherstorfer ( Assistant Professor - UW–Madison )
Feb 8
12:30 PM
Network-based whole-brain representational similarity learning
by Urvashi Oswal & Blake Mason ( Graduate Students - UW-Madison )
Feb 1
12:30 PM
Towards a better understanding of best arm identification in bounded multi-armed bandits
by Ervin Tanczos ( Postdoc - UW–Madison )
Jan 25
12:30 PM
Gradient Descent For Matrix Completion
by Qinqing Zheng ( Graduate Student - University of Chicago )

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