The weekly SILO Seminar Series is made possible through the generous support of the 3M Company and its Advanced Technology Group


Seminars are usually Wednesdays at 12:30PM in the Orchard room (3280) at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery Building and lunch is provided unless otherwise noted. Take the elevators behind Aldo's Cafe.

Seminars feature graduate students and post-docs presenting in half hour blocks. When we are fortunate to host external visitors, we slot the entire hour for a presentation. We also occasionally have presentations by UW professors who want to share new and exciting research ideas and open problems.

Current Semester (Spring 2019)


There are no more scheduled upcoming talks for this semester.


May 15
12:30 PM
Information-theoretic Privacy: Leakage measures, robust privacy guarantees, and generative adversarial mechanism design
by Lalitha Sankar ( )
May 8
12:30 PM
Billion-degree of freedom Computational Dynamics: from granular flows to 3D printing and on to river fording simulation
by Dan Negrut ( )
May 1
12:30 PM
Multistage Distributionally Robust Optimization with Total Variation Distance: Modeling and Effective Scenarios
by Güzin Bayraksan ( )
Apr 24
12:30 PM
Learning Representations for Information Obfuscation and Inference
by Guillermo Saipro (Duke) ( )
Apr 17
12:30 PM
Data-Driven Discovery and Control of Complex Systems: Uncovering Interpretable and Generalizable Nonlinear Models
by Steven L. Brunton (University of Washington) ( )
Apr 10
12:30 PM
Human-Interpretable Concept Learning via Information Lattices
by Lav R Varshney (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) ( )
Apr 3
12:30 PM
Network Inference from Graph Dynamic Processes
by Santiago Segarra ( )
Mar 27
12:30 PM
Learning From Sub-Optimal Data
by Bradly Stadie ( )
Mar 13
12:30 PM
Hardware Accelerators for Deep Learning: A Proving Ground for Specialized Computing
by Brandon Reagen , ( )
Mar 6
12:30 PM
Adaptive Sampling for False Discovery Control
by Lalit Jain ( )
Feb 27
12:00 PM
Towards a science of social interactions
by Dr. Luke Chang, Dartmouth College ( )
Feb 20
12:30 PM
Safety and Robustness Guarantees with Learning in the Loop
by Nikolai Matni ( )
Feb 13
12:30 PM
Large sample asymptotics of spectra of Laplacians and semilinear elliptic PDEs on random geometric graphs.
by Nicolas Garcia Trillos ( )
Feb 6
12:30 PM
Entity Matching Meets Data Science: A Progress Report from the Magellan Project
by AnHai Doan ( )
Jan 30
12:30 PM
Using mobile device data to generate population estimates of fertility parameters
by Jenna Nobles ( )
Jan 23
12:30 PM
Optimal Recovery under Approximability Models, with Applications
by Simon Foucart ( )

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