Systems Information Learning Optimization (SILO)

Weekly Seminar Series

Seminars are usually Wednesdays at 12:30PM in the 3rd floor teaching lab at the WID and lunch is provided unless otherwise noted. Take the elevators behind Aldo's Cafe.

Seminars feature graduate students and post-docs presenting in half hour blocks. When we are fortunate to host external visitors, we slot the entire hour for a presentation. We also occasionally have presentations by UW professors who want to share new and exciting research ideas and open problems.

Current Semester (Summer 2015)


Jul 2
4:00 PM
Some thoughts on prioritizing cyber-security mitigations for securing information technology supply chains
by Laura Mclay ( Associate Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison )
Held at Memorial Union, Capitol View (4th floor)
Jul 9
4:00 PM
Jordan Ellenberg
Jul 23
4:00 PM
Nigel Boston


Jun 25
4:00 PM
Urban Areas LiDar Scanning
by Saleh Abuwarda ( UCD School of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering )
Jun 18
4:00 PM
Linear Dueling Bandits
by Sumeet Katariya ( Graduate Student )

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