The weekly SILO Seminar Series is made possible through the generous support of the 3M Company and its Advanced Technology Group

Seminars are usually Wednesdays at 12:30PM in the Orchard room (3280) at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery Building and lunch is provided unless otherwise noted. Take the elevators behind Aldo's Cafe.

Seminars feature graduate students and post-docs presenting in half hour blocks. When we are fortunate to host external visitors, we slot the entire hour for a presentation. We also occasionally have presentations by UW professors who want to share new and exciting research ideas and open problems.

Current Semester (Spring 2016)


May 10
12:30 PM
Whither Speech Recognition? Deep Learning to Deep Thinking
by Sadaoki Furui ( President, Toyota Technical Institute Chicago )


Apr 27
12:30 PM
Optimization and Equilibrium in Energy Economics
by Michael Ferris ( Professor, Computer Science - UW Madison )
Apr 20
12:30 PM
What do oil spills, air pollutants, and ocean acoustics have in common? Detection, tracking and classification of environmental signals
by Ananya Sen Gupta ( Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Iowa )
Apr 14
12:30 PM
Approximate Optimality of Finite Models in Stochastic Control and Decentralized Control
by Serdar Yuksel ( Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada )
Apr 13
12:30 PM
Universality laws for randomized dimension reduction
by Joel Tropp ( Professor, Applied & Computational Mathematics, California Institute of Technology )
Apr 6
12:30 PM
Block CUR Decompostion: Matrix Approximation Using Groups of Columns and Inferring Relationships in High-dimensional Generalized Linear Autoregressive Processes
by Urvashi Oswal and Eric Hall ( Graduate Student - Optimization )
Mar 30
12:30 PM
Following Natural Language Instructions in Unknown Environments
by Matthew R. Walter ( Assistant Professor, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago )
Mar 16
12:30 PM
New Perspectives in Robust, High-dimensional Statistics
by Po-Ling Loh ( Assistant Professor of Statistics, Wharton, University of Pennsylvania )
Mar 9
12:30 PM
Top Arm Identification in Multi-Armed Bandits with Batch Arm Pulls and Efficient Bregman Projections onto the Permutahedron and Related Polytopes
by Kwang-Sung Jun and Cong Han Lim ( )
Mar 2
12:30 PM
A Control Perspective on Optimization of Strongly Convex Functions
by Bin Hu ( Graduate Student, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities )
Feb 24
12:30 PM
Geometry and Topology in Inference
by Sayan Mukherjee ( Professor, Statistical science, Computer science, and Mathematics )
Feb 17
12:30 PM
SMART: The Stochastic Monotone Aggregated Root-Finding Algorithm
by Damek Davis ( Assistant Prof, Cornell University )
Feb 10
12:30 PM
A Matrix Factorization Approach to Multiple Imputation and DCM Bandits: Learning to Rank with Multiple Clicks
by Nandana Sangupta and Sumeet Katariya ( )
Feb 3
12:30 PM
Towards Next Generation 3D Cameras
by Mohit Gupta ( Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, UW-Madison )
Jan 27
12:30 PM
One Relaxation to Rule Them All: Strong Convex Nonlinear Relaxations of the Pooling Problem
by Jeff Linderoth ( Professor, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Department of Computer Sciences, UW-Madison )
Jan 20
12:30 PM
A Conditional-Value-at-Risk Framework for Multi-Stakeholder Optimization
by Victor Zavala Tejeda ( Richard H. Soit Assistant Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering, UW-Madison )

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